Make Your Own Pops!

I know I already posted something for today, but really I did the coconut peanut yesterday so I thought I would share what I did today with you.

Summer in Missouri can be pretty freakin hot. And I have an inkling that Texas (where I will soon be moving) ain’t gonna be any cooler! What does that mean? I crave cold snacks to chill me out during the day. The problem with a lot of store bought pops it they are often full of tons of sugar and/or are pretty expensive. So, I decided to make my own. I picked up these handy dandy pop makers at an exclusive store in Springfield (aka Walmart) and ripped them open the second I got home (it’s the little things that really make me excited).  I decided on 2 ingredients for these little suckers (pun intended).

Stonyfield Blueberry & TJ's Raw Almond Butter


I tried to do layers, and honestly they didn’t turn out too pretty to look at. I just didn’t feel like taking some advice I saw online and putting them in the freezer for 30 minutes in between layers to let them set (seriously, who has that kind of time?!) When all four were completed (it only took 1 container of yogurt, talk about a low-cal treat!) I popped them in the freezer overnight.

After, which to choose?!

Today I waited till 3 o’clock on the dot (aka snack time, it’s like I’m at day care or something), ripped a pop out of its holder, and chowed (after taking pictures like a good blogger).

Oh yessss

More artistic microwave backdrop

These were FAN-FREAKING-TASTIC!! The blueberry yogurt was creamy and the actual blueberry chunks added a good crunch. And if you haven’t had frozen nut butter then you haven’t lived!! I am definitely making these again with different flavors of yogurt and even trying some greek yogurt and/or other mix-ins.

Sometimes I enjoy eating yogurt pops with no makeup on

Let me know if you create any outstanding pop recipes!