Coconut Peanut Butter

There are few things in life I enjoy more than peanut butter. I blame this on my mother because, well, I had peanut butter and jelly sandwiches (only grape jelly please!) literally every day growing up. As I grew up I have really matured (stop laughing) and I have opened my horizons to other butters like almond butter and sunflower seed butter. Both having their own fine attributes and great flavors, but I think regular old peanut butter will always be my favorite.

On that note, while deciding to play “bake shop” yesterday (really, stop laughing) I whipped up a little creation I like to call Coconut Peanut Butter (wow, I’m a naming genius, I know!)


1 cup unsweetened shredded coconut

4 tbsp all natural creamy peanut butter (I used the Archer Farms brand from Target)


  1. Using a food processor mix the coconut by itself for approximately 5 minutes
    1. a) I had to stop and get the coconut off the sides of the processor every 30 seconds or so (if you just let it run for 5 minutes straight the blade will eventually be hitting nothing because the coconut separates out)
  2. Add peanut butter and mix for another couples minutes until smooth

Ok here’s the deal. This was really good, IF you like coconut (no big shocker there). Also, next time I think I would use a little less coconut because it gets really thick in the peanut butter.

In trying to figure out how I would use this peanut butter (I think it’s a little rich for a sandwich) I decided to slice up a banana and drizzle 1 tbsp over the slices. There was of course a cinnamon addition too (My name is Jill & I am a cinnamon addict).

Overall it was a pretty fun little treat. I will definitely be experimenting more with adding my own mix-ins to different kinds of nut butters.

Thanks for checking out Day 1 of this “experiment”!