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Hello to all!! I hope some of my new readers come back to see this. But I have decided to go back and integrate these posts into my main blog, My So Called Health Life. Originally I thought having this on a seperate blog would be better, but it turns out I was mistaken 😉

So please come back to My So Called Health Life, or come to visit for the first time!!

Sorry and thank you!!!!!


Soup It!

Hello to all! Since Joey and I are facing a big move soon I been trying not too buy TOO much new food (although that’s hard!) and instead use up some older things I have lurking in my pantry. Case in point this soup that I probably bought 6 months ago (don’t worry it’s not expired).  I bought this thinking “Oh this will be a quick and delicious lunch” and then subsequently every time I saw it in the pantry thought “No thank you sir, soup is not filling!”

Well today I decided to do something about it. I have seen many bloggers add to store bought soups before, but since I have never done it, what a perfect opportunity! I originally bought the soup because it’s an Indian flavor and the stats are not bad for a store bought. It is like ramen because it comes with dry ingredients that you add boiling water to and let sit for 5 minutes.I decided to use up some of my leftovers (killing 2 birds with one lunch here) and added some lentils and steamed cauliflower & eggplant I got yesterday at the farmers market.

Here is how it turned out.

Holy yum!

Am I good or what?!

DELICIOUS! I am going out to buy more of this right now! And I am also teaching a class calling defeating the purpose 101 😉

Pretzel Mania

Good day to all. Day #3 of something new every day and I have an AWESOME product review for you all. You may or may not know this (ok, you don’t) but I am a big pretzel fan. Mostly of baseball stadium pretzels, but pretzels none-the-less 😉 Today I decided to dip into a new snack, Pretzel Crisps Cinnamon Toast Pretzels. HOLY COW. If you are a rabid snacker like myself, it’s honestly probably not a good idea to keep these in the house. Case in point the first words out of Joey’s mouth were “I could get into a lot of trouble with these.” Grade A+++++

They are different than regular pretzels because they are thin, light, and crispy with a thin layer of cinnamon and sugar all over.This is good because they taste like a party in your mouth, but bad because they can be eaten in extreme quantities. But they do have a really low ingredient list and I know what everything on it is (that is a HUGE shocker in the snack world).

Overall, get these NOW and prepare to finish the bag within 24 hours.

Make Your Own Pops!

I know I already posted something for today, but really I did the coconut peanut yesterday so I thought I would share what I did today with you.

Summer in Missouri can be pretty freakin hot. And I have an inkling that Texas (where I will soon be moving) ain’t gonna be any cooler! What does that mean? I crave cold snacks to chill me out during the day. The problem with a lot of store bought pops it they are often full of tons of sugar and/or are pretty expensive. So, I decided to make my own. I picked up these handy dandy pop makers at an exclusive store in Springfield (aka Walmart) and ripped them open the second I got home (it’s the little things that really make me excited).  I decided on 2 ingredients for these little suckers (pun intended).

Stonyfield Blueberry & TJ's Raw Almond Butter


I tried to do layers, and honestly they didn’t turn out too pretty to look at. I just didn’t feel like taking some advice I saw online and putting them in the freezer for 30 minutes in between layers to let them set (seriously, who has that kind of time?!) When all four were completed (it only took 1 container of yogurt, talk about a low-cal treat!) I popped them in the freezer overnight.

After, which to choose?!

Today I waited till 3 o’clock on the dot (aka snack time, it’s like I’m at day care or something), ripped a pop out of its holder, and chowed (after taking pictures like a good blogger).

Oh yessss

More artistic microwave backdrop

These were FAN-FREAKING-TASTIC!! The blueberry yogurt was creamy and the actual blueberry chunks added a good crunch. And if you haven’t had frozen nut butter then you haven’t lived!! I am definitely making these again with different flavors of yogurt and even trying some greek yogurt and/or other mix-ins.

Sometimes I enjoy eating yogurt pops with no makeup on

Let me know if you create any outstanding pop recipes!

Coconut Peanut Butter

There are few things in life I enjoy more than peanut butter. I blame this on my mother because, well, I had peanut butter and jelly sandwiches (only grape jelly please!) literally every day growing up. As I grew up I have really matured (stop laughing) and I have opened my horizons to other butters like almond butter and sunflower seed butter. Both having their own fine attributes and great flavors, but I think regular old peanut butter will always be my favorite.

On that note, while deciding to play “bake shop” yesterday (really, stop laughing) I whipped up a little creation I like to call Coconut Peanut Butter (wow, I’m a naming genius, I know!)


1 cup unsweetened shredded coconut

4 tbsp all natural creamy peanut butter (I used the Archer Farms brand from Target)


  1. Using a food processor mix the coconut by itself for approximately 5 minutes
    1. a) I had to stop and get the coconut off the sides of the processor every 30 seconds or so (if you just let it run for 5 minutes straight the blade will eventually be hitting nothing because the coconut separates out)
  2. Add peanut butter and mix for another couples minutes until smooth

Ok here’s the deal. This was really good, IF you like coconut (no big shocker there). Also, next time I think I would use a little less coconut because it gets really thick in the peanut butter.

In trying to figure out how I would use this peanut butter (I think it’s a little rich for a sandwich) I decided to slice up a banana and drizzle 1 tbsp over the slices. There was of course a cinnamon addition too (My name is Jill & I am a cinnamon addict).

Overall it was a pretty fun little treat. I will definitely be experimenting more with adding my own mix-ins to different kinds of nut butters.

Thanks for checking out Day 1 of this “experiment”!

First Post!

Hello to all and welcome to Everyday Original!

Lets get right into what exactly this site is, here’s the back story:

Here I am, the holder of a Master’s Degree, about to make a big move with my boyfriend across country, in charge of my own fate, squandering in the abyss that is finding a J-O-B. Although things are going seemingly well in my life, I feel like I am reaching for a cupcake (so I like sweets!) on the top of a counter when the floor is made of quicksand. Dramatic much?! Ok maybe. But the real deal is in the process of the online job hunt I have found my life slightly monotone and I want to inject it with something fun.

The outcome? Everyday Original. I am a huge foodie/wannabe good cook (I dabble)/lover of food and I am looking to expand my horizons. What I will do on here is try something new, food-wise, every. single. day.

At first this may sound simple, but I have a feeling that it could become slightly difficult. Anyways, I am willing to give it a go! Whether it comes in the form of a new recipe, new product, or new creation, I’ll try it all, and share it all with you. I will give honest reviews of not only other foods, but my own (I refuse to pretend that everything i eat is top notch).

Also, feel free to send questions/comments/suggestions to

Nothing else to do now just jump on the pony and ride! 🙂